How to take a girl on a date?


Make a plan. When you are arranging a hookup, make sure you are on the same page. Here are several steps for you to make a concrete dating plan. Make sure she is available. Find a date when both of you are available. Bring up a suggestion. By going through these steps, you have successfully arranged a BBW dating for you. My suggestion is going out for some drink first on your first date, because it can be less cost than going for a fancy dinner. But if money is not an issue for you, you can suit yourself. Another reason why you should go for a drink on the first curvy dating is that the atmosphere in bars is much more relaxed and less intense. It can ease the awkwardness between you. Flirting also seems more appropriate and smoother under such circumstances.

Double confirm the hookup date. Human-beings are capricious creatures. If we suddenly don’t want to go out, we can definitely think up with some excuse to get rid of the date, especially for girls. Therefore, you need to double sure. On the other hand, by double checking if your plan still stands, you are telling her that you look forward to it, which can accordingly decrease the chance of her bailing on you. You can send her a text one night before the date “See you tomorrow” or “Looking forward to seeing you.” It is vital to follow up the plan to let her know it is for real and leave her less excuse to be found. By sending a text or two, you can make sure she shows up.

Hug her right now the minute you meet. First, let me say that first impression is very important, as you may have known. Wear a nice outfit and hug her right away when you see her. Don’t hesitate or wait and see what she would do. Don’t shake hands. You are not on a business trip. Take the lead and give the date a good start. By hugging her, you can increase your intimacy and prevent awkwardness. A simple hug can make both of you feel comfortable. I know it sounds easy, but to be honest, details make success.

Concentrate on her. What should you talk about during the date? The answer is simple---her. Find out what her passion lies and find out her most exciting story. Find out what she likes. When you keep talking about her, you will think up with something you want to know about her. It is less possible to run out of topic. What is more, people love to talk about themselves and people love those who know how to listen.

Be honest. The best skill in talking to a girl is to be honest. This is also the most important character in a person.